Wedding symbolics from hazelnuts is even trait with other pictures even if here generally mainly based so you’re able to sexual meaning

In the Lithuanian group tunes close to these types of pictures a steady, distinctly connotated concept of hazelnuts (the same as a definite intimate meaning of your own fruit) is available, that is truthfully delineated because of the Good

Uzmitiko, uzhdereja Mature and adult was
kalni rieshuteliai. hazelnuts on the hill.
Numiskysiu, nubraskysiu I could see, I am able to gather
kalni rieshutelius. hazelnuts on hill.
Sumidejau, sumiskyniau I did so look for, I did collect
kalni rieshuteliu. hazelnuts to your mountain.
Sibling 347.

Within the Lithuanian men tunes close to these types of photo a steady, extremely connotated concept of hazelnuts (just like a very clear sexual connotation of your own fruit) is present, that’s correctly delineated from the A

– Pasakyki, motinele, – Tell me excite, mommy,
kaip vilioti bernuzheli just how can a chap getting tempted?
– Su raudonu obuoleliu, – By a purple fruit,
su rieshuto branduoleliu. of the a good hazelnut’s kernel.
LTR 28(99).

Incidentally, a good hazel otherwise a great hazelnut that have zero deep culture into the Russian men poetry be popular for the relationship audio just, where in fact the symbolic sense of an effective hazelnut can not be lay apart from that from an apple (both being a wedding present) (Avtamonov -94). The function from hazelnuts within the Lithuanian audio in which a custom made of managing subscribers that have hazelnuts (including which have apples, fresh fruits, including implying particular routine objective) on suits-makings is additionally featured:

For the Lithuanian someone songs next to these images a reliable, distinctly connotated meaning of hazelnuts (exactly like a definite intimate meaning of your own apple) prevails, that is accurately delineated by the A good

– Gerkit, sveteliai – Drink excite, travelers,
dai zhaiui vyneli have a glimpse at this link, it eco-friendly drink,
valgykit, sveteliai, let yourselves excite, travelers,
rieshutu branduolelius. in order to hazelnut kernels.
LTR 2885 (168).

The definition of visualize about traditions of their variations is commonly taken into account, we.elizabeth. synonymous affairs existing among the forest photo out-of close symbolic benefits (an effective hazel and you will good snowball forest, such as for instance):

When you look at the Lithuanian men music near to this type of photo a steady, extremely connotated meaning of hazelnuts (similar to a very clear intimate connotation of the fruit) is out there, that is accurately delineated by A good

Vandrauna mergele An agile maiden
vandravo po giria, wandered in the tree.
Pirmanakt nakvojo She introduced the first night
po lazdu (putino) krumelio. significantly less than a beneficial hazel (under a good snowball tree).
da neishaush The beginning
neshviesi aushrele, with perhaps not become,
pervaznyka shauke- she asked ferryman
perkels per Dunojo when deciding to take their over the Danube.
LTR 2015 (9).

Inside the synchronous views new relationship of talked about hazel meaning is also appeared. On top of that, the fresh found semantic aspect appears to be foreign towards poetical connotation of your own hazel when you look at the sutartines.

Grushnia, kriaushe, dule ‘pear tree’ (Pirus communis). Regarding old crab-pear forest was cultivated and you can given care so you can in the orchards (Dendrology ). Grushe, grushnia (the latter variation is far more repeated inside audio) was mortgage-terms and conditions taken from Russian (Buga ); kriaushe,- a great Prussian financing-word (Buga ); dule try a word showing a kind of an effective pear tree, which includes also come throughout the Russian vocabulary (ibid. ). Dule is meant, become one of the tree brands later having altered its denotation. Dule is why modern definition was svarainio medis ‘a quince tree’, however, after good pear forest is actually titled immediately after they.

Students check out the spiritual connotation from a pear tree alternatively new. « Grushnia or kriaushe is not an ordinary fresh fruit-tree, although their mythological definition remains hidden, however, its importance when you look at the religious reasoning is actually doubtless » (Greimas ). Besides, An effective. Greimas holds that there’s adequate ground to own an effective brownie and good pear tree bond as tracked (ibid. 98).

For the Lithuanian tunes of your diary course an original pear tree picture try shown (Vidury dvaro palavu krumas ‘In the middle of a residence an effective bush of Paulownia tomentosa’ (Kl 31); Vidury lauko grushnele stovi ‘In the midst of an industry a great pear tree grows’ (Kl 340); specific individual variations with this specific forest when you look at the sounds Kl 488, 491, 222). Odd semantics ones audio has recently caught the fresh new scholars’ eyes that musical is assumed to possess started, likely be operational, hymns out-of ritual provider, the brand new endured fragments where can be barely feel translated as the much (Greimas ). In recent years such photos is linked with the newest conception out of the country design (Laurinkiene 1990; Velius ).