10. He May Be Looking to Meet New People, Regardless of The Possibility of A Romantic Relationship

It’s not uncommon for a man to want revenge if his partner has cheated on him – particularly if it happened recently.

It’s definitely not the healthiest way to deal with a betrayal, and you’ll only end up getting hurt, too, if you get involved with him.

It works well, too, he’s transparent about it when meeting women and it seems to work for him so you can’t rule it out.

11. He May Be Struggling with A Lack of Intimacy in His Current Relationship

Whatever the case, a lot of guys use dating apps for hookups so you need to be able to spot the signs if that’s the case and it’s not what you’re interested in.

12. He May Be Feeling Neglected or Undervalued in His Current Relationship

If he is feeling neglected or undervalued in his current relationship, a man might turn to dating apps to seek out someone who can make him feel special, valued and appreciated.

This is a red flag that the relationship he’s in isn’t working and makes him look like he doesn’t have the courage to work on the issues he has with his partner.

13. He May Be Going Through a Difficult Time in His Life and Seeking Support or Companionship from Others

Sometimes a person might be going through a difficult time and is just seeking out companionship or support from others.

He might not be looking for a romantic partner on a dating app, but simply feels like he doesn’t have anywhere else to look.

14. He May Be Seeking New Experiences or Adventures that He Feels His Current Relationship Is Lacking

If a man has been in a relationship for a long time and is starting to feel like his life is lacking new experiences or adventures, he may be looking to find them elsewhere.

Again, this is a sign that his relationship isn’t going well but he doesn’t have the emotional maturity to deal with it by talking to his partner.

15. He May Be Seeing If He Can Find His Friends or Even His Girlfriend/Wife on There!

This is one of the most innocent reasons why you might spot someone on a dating app who you know is in a relationship.

It’s possible – but not likely – that they’re just browsing the platform looking to check if someone else they know is using it.

Now, why would they use their own profile and potentially get themselves in trouble….well that’s something to ask them if you get the chance!

16. A Scammer Might Have Stolen His Images/Profile

This is another one of the unlikely, but possible excuses that someone might have if they deny being on a dating site.

Scamming is as popular as ever on dating sites and the main way someone scams is by stealing and using someone else’s images.

If you see a profile for a guy who you know is in a relationship, it’s worth considering it’s not him behind the account.

17. He May Have Forgotten He Has a Dating Profile Set Up!

It might sound like I’m giving these https://kissbrides.com/es/latina-mujeres/ guys outs, but it is completely possible that he has forgotten he has even set up a dating profile.

In this case, it’s worth bringing it to his attention and seeing if he can explain himself before jumping to conclusions.

18. He May Not Be in A Relationship

It’s also possible that the guy isn’t in a relationship. I’m not sure why you think he is, but it might be worth double-checking.